The leading philosophy behind our work is one of utmost dedication to detail and quality, without compromises.


The high quality of our products derives from modern production techniques and the use of the best materials. The project phase starts with the need to combine safe off-road performance with cool design.


The prototypes are tested on the field and refined through modern CAD technology.


All the products we carry are fabricated with industrial grade precision leaving no room for sloppy DIY compromises or imperfections.


The main drive behind our dedication is to transmit the same feelings we feel when we test our products.


The happiness, gratitude and fidelity of so many customers is our greatest satisfaction.




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Our products are made according to high quality standards to provide years of durability and fun. Quality is paramount to us.


In our Upstate New York home base, we have our own private trails/test grounds, on which to test new equipment and invite selected customers to try out our fine products.